Red & White


With a vibrant rusty red huge, this full-bodied Ice Wine is rich in strawberry, forest berry and spice, with an intense chocolate wave. Harvest at 42.2 Brix and fermented to 240 g/l residual sugar, the balance is splendidly achieved by means of lean acidity and the warm lingering finish.

VIDAL White IceWine

A bright alluring, golden color hints at the elegance of this absolutely stellar Ice Wine. A taste of this Ice Wine reveals its full opulence with the richness swirling gracefully and filling the palate with an explosion of lush fruits of mango, passion – fruit, pineapple and lychees. This unique treasure was harvested at – 10C with 37.2 Brix and fermented to 190 g/l residual sugar. The fruit driven sweetness is supported perfectly with the well-balance acidity & the lavish, lingering beat.